Monday, April 8, 2013

Run and EAT!!

Yesterday I joined the Malaysia Woman Marathon sponsored by Nestle fitnesse (u know the cereal? I LOVE it!) It was an amazing experience. I’ll definitely join more marathon in the future. Thanks to my housemate who asked me to join with her :)

 YES I DID IT! 8km Fun Run :)

 I didn't get one like this :(

Later we go makan-makan for dinner because we were too tired from the run to go for lunch. So both of us were just being lazy all day at home. Of course we had a shake so it gives us enough energy to go through the day aaaaannnndddd also faster muscle tissue repair..
I seriously don’t have cramps anymore! Not as what I expected. DEFINITELY due to the shake. Cuz I was quite taken aback by the cramps during the run. So, thank you Herbalife shakes!

We went to SS2 Murni, crowded and full but we managed to get a seat inside. Wee~!
I love it here! the food tasted good , reasonably priced and very well portioned (for the big eaters like us) 

The Menu

Chicken Chop Special - with melted cheese in the middle

 I just wanna get a bun and put these meats in between! Yumms!

Pink Panther - i think it's a combination of ice,soda,watermelon,lychee and coconut water. LOL i dun know..but it comes with nata de coco, watermelon cuts and few longan..MUST TRY!