Friday, March 30, 2012


Alhamdulillah..Bonus day!!
This my 1st bonus, so i'm really happy and thankful to Allah especially..
all the hard work pays..sufficient or not it's up to Allah to decide..
i'm just thankful i get any..:))


Effective 1st April..i'm gonna get promoted insyaAllah..

It is all going well..Alhamdulillah..

Promises to myself..

-I've got to work better and harder for next year bonus. I've to remind myself that I work for Allah, my family, myself..
- Be consistent in HL. Work for a healthier me.
- Get closer to Allah..

Recap on New Year Resolution (after 3 months)

1. To get higher salary job - Checked!(Alhamdulillah)

2. To lose weight to 55kg - Currently at 67kg, another 12kg!!!!!!! do i get so fat? lol..btw..i still have Apr-Dec (around 9 months 1.3kg per month) phewww quite tough but i must be consistent in eating healthy..portion control and consistency are key to losing weight..

3. To travel oversea - yet to plan..need to save first =.=

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 4

Breakfast : Office 8.45am3 tbsp F1 Choc + 200ml water + 200ml soymilk (no yogurt today..and i don't like the taste..eek very powdery..suke klau creamy2 time,yogurt is a must! )
250ml teamix + 250ml water
500ml water

i'm still experimenting my many tbsp should i put, should put F3 or not..
I increased my F1 portion because yesterday by lunch i am so freaking i think to avoid over eating i should increase my F1 intake..
Also because i usually workout after work (if i do workout) then probably at dinner it would be best time to include F3..if i did not workout, i will opt out F3..because F3 is concentrated protein, i will gain muscle..i want to lose inches now,ie lose fats..but after workout my muscle is starving for nutrion hence adding F3 will be beneficial to that..
Lunch : The Chicken Rice Shop 1pm

Set Good Lunch RM6.90
- 1 plate rice
- 1 portion roasted chicken (wing)
- soup
- Ipoh bean sprout (Probably 3-4 tbsp)
- Chilli sauce + Ginger oil
- 7Up No ice 1 glass (250ml)

Teamix+250ml water
750ml water

Dinner : 9.30pm Home

1 plate homemade spaghetti meatballs (5 meatballs + meat dense gravy) yumm!
250ml water
teamix + 250ml water

250ml water + herbal aloe drink

250ml water

i've got to take a rest from HL for dinner cuz i've been craving to make this spaghetti since last month but because of laziness i didn't make but today i feel a bit rajin so i went home, bought some stuff and start cooking..this is how it looks..yummm! i'll continue taking HL tomorrow..=.='
Total water:3L

P/s: i want to buy those tiny blender for smoothie current blender can't blend ice since i bought it a cheap price (and it's ELBA =.=') any idea where?

Day 3

Breakfast 8.30am (office)
Strawberry Shakes : 100ml water + 2 tbsp F1 + 100ml soymilk + 2 tbsp yogurt
250ml teamix + 250ml water
Water 300ml

Lunch 1 pm (The Chicken Rice Shop)

Set A Ayam Muhibbah TCRS
-Nasi + 2 pcs Chicken + Pakchoy + Soup + twister blackcurrant 300ml
250ml teamix + 250ml water

1.4L water

Dinner 10.15pm (home)
300ml water + 2.5 tbsp F1 Choc + 2 tbsp Yogurt
200ml teamix + 200ml water
250ml + 2 cap herbal aloe
250ml water

weight :67kg
water: 2.5L

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Starting Herbalife (HL) - Day 1 & 2


Last weekend my dad prepared a special breakfast for me (so sweet of him!).

Me: What's this??

He gave me a glass of something looking like smoothie to me..

Dad: Iit's herbalife shake..try it! i've put oat and raisin in's good for you..

Me: Hmm..ok... Drinks *gulp gulp gulp* hmm it taste ok laa.....

Dad: Explaning stuff bout how HL is good for cell nutrition, can use for losing weight and general wellness..

Then i decided to give it a try since it's FREEEE! ofcoz, dad bought a box of the shakes and gave me 2 of them to try it in KL..

I was kind of skeptical bout using it to replace 2 of my meals..but then i stumble across this page . My hopes went sky high..lols..

So...the purpose of this post is to record my journey to lose weight using my current diet (eating less fat and sugar + exercise) and herbalife!

Here Goes!!

Day 1 (yesterday)
Weight: 68kg (can't believe it either :( huu..) - i'm going to measure once a week only

Breakfast: aloe concentrated drink 200ml + 2tbspF1 Choc + 1 tbsp F3 + soymilk + swiss yogurt vanilla + teamix + Plain Water 200ml
Lunch : 1/2 plate rice + Paprik ayam + Plain Water 250ml
Dinner : 1 tbsp F1 choc + 1/2 tbsp F3 + soymilk + swiss yogurt vanilla
Workout : jogging + power walk + walking 1 hour

Day 2 (today)
Breakfast: 2tbspF1 Choc + 1 tbsp F3 + soymilk + swiss yogurt vanilla + teamix + Plain Water 200ml
Lunch : 1 bowl bihun sup daging + Plain Water 250ml
Dinner :Sushi (variety) + okonomiyaki 2 slice + 1 baked squid + Green Tea +3 sip 100 Plus
workout : walk + climb stair at office - a busy day..