Monday, March 30, 2009

A busy week

Today, it's a start of a tough week.. i have to get myself together and fight for it!!!..

Yosh!!! I believe God is with me to get through my everyday life!!! GOD is always by my side~

Monday- Japanese Test~i think i can score this so i'm not that worried..but still i have to do revision..

Tuesday - Presentation~kowaii!..i haven't memorise all my points yet..need confidence!but i know i can do it!

Wednesday - 371 Test - the scariest of all~haven't finish studying..but InsyaAllah i'll finish by today n tomorrow i'll start with the practices..

Thursday - Jaulah meeting~and i need to get ready for the toughest tutorial,the next day..

Friday - Tough tutorial..but if i manage to do a good preparation maybe i'll do better than last week..we'll see..

yup,the anticipated week has finally come..
all i have to do is get through it..either i survive or die..
whatever it is~

GOD is my strength~
Family is my strength~
KAT-TUN is my strength~



v(^ _ ^ ;)v

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Don't Forget

sunday,29 March 2009

kenapa asyik teringatkan dia hari ni??..why??? all i want to do is forget him!
it's Demi Lovato's Don't Forget's fault!!


hate my pathetic self..jin-kun~tasukete! T________T

Dont Forget - Demi Lovato

Lyrics | Demi Lovato Lyrics | Don%27t Forget Lyrics

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Quiz Result!!

just a quick post here..juz now i did a quiz..

Take the 7 Minutes in Heaven with KAT-TUN quiz.

You're at a party with KAT-TUN and they ask you if you wanted to play "7 Minutes in Heaven" with them. You nod 'yes' and picked the number _____ out of the hat.

this is the result..

7 Minutes in Heaven with KAT-TUN

You picked....Jin Akanishi!!!!

result image

"I picked....number 4." you said as you showed the boys the piece of paper. "Okay, get into the closet and in a few minutes your guy will come in." Koki explained ans he pushes you into the closet. You go in and wait for about 5 mins. 'Hurry up already!' you thought to your self. Then Jin comes in with a smirk on his face as he closes the door. "W-What's so funny?!" you exclaimed nervously. "You just looked so worried. I find that cute." Jin says as he walks closer towards you. You to chat for a bit. "S-So do you like any sports?" you asked him. "Yeah. I like soccer." he says. "Oh, me too!" you say with a smile on your face. A big smile also appeared on his face. "I guess we have a lot in common." he says coming even closer to you. He walks closer and closer until your back hits the bare wall. You start blushing and looks away. "Is something wrong,_____?" Jin asks. You shake your head 'no'. You had nowhere to go, you tried to escape but before you could even move Jin grabbed you by the arm and kissed you passionately. He wanted the kiss to last longer and so did you. So, Jin held you tighter and closer to him, and both of you kiss deeply. It lasted long enough for Koki to open the door and pull Jin right out. "Hey, that was 8 minutes." Koki complained, "What were you guys doing in there?" Both you and Jin didn't answer his question. Both of you blushed. "Ha. Take that Kame! I win the bet." Koki exclaimed. "Wait, what bet are you guys talking about?" Jin asked. "Kame and I made a bet that if you two lasted more than 7 minutes _____ had to go on a date with you." Koki explained with a big smirk on his face. "But, I didn't even know about this!!" Jin exclaimed. "Oh, so you don't wanna go out with me. I thought you wanted to." you said sadly. "I do wanna go out with you." Jin said. And there, the next day you two "lovebirds" are going out on a date. Hope ya liked it!!

just a big,loud n clear..


do it here!

u can do other ones..i got jin 2 times n kame 3 times..yeah..just to past some time after doing a hard assignment..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


hahaha..u know what??..i did something crazy today~totally out of my mind!!
i went to a movie!!!!!! wooohoooooooo!!!!! may sound weird to you n u'll be like O.o.what is she talking about??'s so normal..
but yeah..
in this hectic time..i consider going to a movie while tons of assignments lying on the table waiting to be touched is definitely ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!!!!
me and my ramble~ was definitely worth it!!! i watched the "confession of a shopaholic". it was a great movie was funny,a bit sad,fluffy..and best of all..the actor was cute!!haha..i learn a thing or two bout financial management which was good..but all the gucci,prada,lv,jimmy choo stuff really makes me wanna go shopping!!haha!nooo i really shouldn't..or else it'll become the crazy things i did no 2!!!muahahaha..but yeah i'm glad i accept my roomate's invitation to watch the movie..i was just going cuz i felt sorry for her..she really want to watch it but there's no one to accompany her..sooo i went with her..and for the second time..i'm realllllllllllly glad i did!!!! cuz i don't really feel the burden too much anymore..maybe not tomorrow..but as for tonite,i'll be sleeping like a baby..without worries!yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

here's another good news! KAT-TUN's 4th album is coming out!!!! i don't know if it's really a good news or not cuz i don't really have the money to buy one..but yattttaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! i'm really happy for them! 10 straight no 1 singles..and hopefully 4 straight no 1 album!!! i'm really proud of them..i know this album is gonna be great!their music taste is getting better and better..just listen to rescue!white xmas!!on your mind!!it's tooooooooooooooooo good!!
i wish i can buy one..the limited edition one..please pray for me~~

i want to do a kame picspam too..just simply cuz i love him to bits!and cuz i'm waiting for CKT 102 which is gonna be tomorrow!he's soooo cute nowadays..i just want to squeeze him!!but farah,pika and particularly jin will be mad at yeah..i'll spare him..=.=
i'll just hug him~nice and warm~~~ *wink2* XDDDD

arrrr..nobody can resist that!!!*flails*
and that!!! kyaaaaah~~

and the stares! dslguhavsveaflisbfv!!


kame is such a teaser!just want to hug him right here!!

yes..kame..i'll take anything u give me!i bet he's a good cook!!

thinking bout jinjin,kazu???

i wanna do more!!!but i'm a bit red eyes already..a sign that i should sleep..huhu..
but i'll do more later ne kazu~i love you no matter what!^^

Monday, March 23, 2009


i am just too depressed with my works!..y so many???? i just don't feel like doing it anymore..
taking breaks~ this week is the worst! next week too..i can feel it..assignments,tutorials prep,tests,presentation~~in addition i have to catch up with my readings which i haven't got time to do..argghhhh!!!!!watever~thank god i'm not doing medic or anything hard like that..feel like spamming this blog with my jinjin.. XD (a chance to look at my dearest many2 times..hehe..)

cute beanie ne~~i love him with caps/beanies *huggles jin*

thinking bout me?? XDDD

many faces of my jinjin~♥♥♥♥

laughing cute!!!

i love his hair fav!!!*wishing my future _____ have the same hair style* XD

dflhvslfhbfhhuha;!!!! kawaiiii!
gosh~i adore his smile! please smile more jin!!*i know u will when kame's around**wink2* XD
i prefer u sweet~
....and sexy~can't choose!!!!
arhh!the nerdy look! ...can't..resist...temptation!~

aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh~~~~feeling better now!!!*hugging jin tightly* thanks sweety!!!!!

~but missing mummy...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

♥♥♥♥♥♥special for my 6 lovely boys♥♥♥♥♥♥

wahh..lamanyaa tk post anything here..too busy..zannen desu ne~~huhuhu..

but this post is juz for a special shout-out to my special ones~


forever stay the same will ya..i pray for your continuous success..i'll be behind you guys supporting every moment,ups and downs..


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Life is so Hectic!!!

my life is turning upside down for the past 2 days..

please GOD Tasukete!!!

Japanese class je yg best..the others r not promising..they seems soo hard..

arghhh!! jinjin!!!!! please be here!!!