Saturday, February 28, 2009

JusT some Random StuFF


i'm bored..

its 12.24am..lurking ard lj for some interesting news..but nothing really..and i got no one to talk to now.. X(

this house is in a really terrible mess..those ppl havn't come and take their things yet..i can't kemas my barang yet..sooo depressing.. how can i start class this monday??..the real reason i came back here sooo early(n miss kame-chan's party) is so that i can get ready for this semester..unlike last year which is realllly last min..and its tiring..but now..cuz those ppl..i can't get on my plans..i hate it..

the storm outside is quite strong..the wind is scary..kowaii~~!!it sounds like ghost or sumthing..sumone's bathrobe is hanging outside n its flying like crazy..its scary!!huhu..

listening to the preview of 7 days battle now..i LOVE it!!!well yeah i admit sumtimes(but VERY FEW!),kat-tun's songs r i like it~or shot ..but honestly i like 7 days battle!since its simple plain rock..i love when kat-tun doing anything rockish..they're really something..every songs r different in their on ways..way to go KAT-TUN!! dats y i love u guys!!!

i love this pic..its so plain simple..but beautiful at the same time..i dunno how to express it in the perfect way cuz im not good in expressing my feelings but i love it...esp the right bottom pic..its just..ldhudliuflsiufhsdlfiudshvilbhsd!!!

just read utusan online..ughh!!malaysian politics r gettin worse!soo teruk! calling ppl celaka??thats just plain rude i'd say..i'm speaking as a simple girl without a very strong knowledge on politics..celaka is a very strong insult word for malay..its very unrespectful for that person to say it..especially in public!!..he shud just back off this terrible situation instead of making it worst!..sueing the sultan is one thing..but calling malays celaka is another issue..please with different culture in malaysia is hard enough please don't make it harder..while i'm not being racist or anything..sumtimes i just wish..malaysian wud just make up and live issue like owhh chinese wants everything,the indians want this..the malays being ungrateful..blah3..please..just be grateful n live like our ancestors do..

i'm thankful i'm in New Zealand right now..i don't have to think about the situation in Malaysia..

but Malaysia please..please recover..i'm starting work next year..i don't want any problems getting jobs just bcause malaysia's politics is unstable..fix our economy!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

♥♥♥my A.J ♥♥♥♥


today~~i saw the preview of my jinjin's latest photoshoot!!

it was DAMN PERFECT!!!!!!!!

here it is..


credit to futari_love @lj

HE SHOULD STRECTH HIS ARM A LIL BIT MORE! and let me have a look at his perfect chest..hehehe..

how in the world can he be sooo gorgeous??!!!..its ALLAH's power..he's wayyyyy too gorge than my previous crushes..
nick carter,orlando bloom,jerry yan and leonardo D won't stand a chance next to him..i'll go straight to jinjin~~~and hug him tightly!!!*dreamin*

currently i'm totally head over heals with him..i fell in love with him for his voice
(yeahh..seriously!!!i dun care if u dont believe me!!^^) demo..his personality (esp his bakaness) n finally gorgeous features had caught my attention..

i'm wonderin what did he gave to kame-chan last 2 days?..hurmmmm..i wish it is sumthing very special..
i think kame shopped with jinjin n let him pay for it.^_^

aKame is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥~~~~

Monday, February 23, 2009

HaPy bDaY KAZU!!!!!

I'm Backkk!!!!

finally i'm back in Auckland for another year of study..

i've missed my life here..

but i'm really sad..cuz i'm not ready yet to be here..

furthermore!..i went back too early before i can celebrate kame's bday!!

ughhh!!! i HATE me for being too silly! i didn't even remember kame's bday when i booked my now,i can't go to kame's bday party..


however,while still jetlagged i made a card for my jinjin's soulmate..^_^
i don't really know what i was doing..really..made it in just an hour..huhu..
sooo kazu-chan, pardon me for the really bad card..just appreciate it okay??..hehe..


To my beloved Kamenashi Kazuya,


YOU,K.K are too special for words..your attitude,your style,your voice,your seriousness,your hotness,your sexiness,your silliness, your loveliness,your cuteness..your EVERYTHING..

had always made me SMILE..



may god bless you and have a happy,healthy and long life with JIN..


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Doubutsu Uranai


You are Blue Koala, who is extremely honest person, and will say things that come up in your mind straightly.
You are also active and very cheerful.
You also possess feminine attraction and have distinguished atmosphere.
You are very popular, and tend to be with lots of people.
You value your friends too.
But unlike your outlook, you don't like to loose and are a strong-minded person.
You possess strong will-power, and are independent enough to carry things out without getting the help of the others.
You have great creativity sense and are much talented in this.
You act simply, but you possess complicated inner emotions.
You may be thought little bit eccentric.
You like to lead varied life, and try to change the atmosphere yourself too.
You can make quick decisions, and possess courage.
You are well liked by both men and women.
You have great sense of instinct and can get right at the point of things.
You can affect people as well.
You are very strict on money. <-- TRUE!
You will not go buying things on impulse.
Someone you love and your love life is what is most important to you in your life.
You possess great natural skill to manipulate men. ??
You should not rush into marriage after a passionate love.

you can try it too!!^^

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

can't sleep


for however long i waited on bed,eyes closed, blanket covering warming my body..

i can't sleep..naze??

i don't know particularly..when i closed my eyes..everything comes as freely as they are gone during the day..does that makes sense??..i think about the unthinkable future..i think about future conversation..i think about the unforgiven past..i think about A LOT of things..


i hope i found the answer..SOMEDAY..

i don't want to be a person who only thinks but never act..

so random..


nuff said..i'm writing this so that the glaring light of this laptop would eventually caused me to feel sleepy..i know it's bad for my eyes..but i think it's eyes hurts i just want to close them..

kyou wa..

i cut my hair short..just before i go back to beloved city of boredom..3rd year of study..really scares me..the idea of working full time afterwards..really gives me goosebumps if u asked me..i don't have enough experience in the real social life is a disaster..i'm too nervous being with people..especially people in the business industry..i have to think,give opinion,detect problem, so much faster..i have to listen to people,follow orders,endure torturing bosses..ugh! too scary to even imagine..the past two years hasn't really teach me anything to be someone that efficient..i play a lot..avoiding people..avoiding jobs..but all that had brought me nothing but an unprepared soul..i hate me sometimes..


i have new hopes for this semester..

i wish it'll work out the way i wanted..

Monday, February 16, 2009



i feel terrible..

tears flowing..


WaWa and a TIRING Day

ohhhh my god!! i'm sooo tired today..gone to visit wawa today at MRSM pengkalan hulu which is sooooo far!! its like going to penang then come back home in one day..which is exhausting and took allllll my power today..
but on the other hand..i got to see wawa!! which i've missed since like forever!!..she's my pretty n intelligent lil sister..the last i've seen her was like a month ago..ohh yeahh..last gong xi fa cai..i miss her sooo much..and today was the last time im gonna meet her this year..well until i've come back again to malaysia that is..she sooo hardworking..when we arrived this morning after a very very early departure from home (i had to wake up earlier then my usual time)..aisyah and i went looking for her in her room but the rest of the student gone!!! yeahh..hysterically (well not really).. we asked around and found out that she was having her mentor mentee class..yeahh bummer..we come early and have to wait for her to finish for like 45 min or less..then there she was..still gorge! but dad just had to pick at her and told her she had gained weight..woooo!!way to go daddy!!hehe..well after that we went to Baling..a really small town,smaller than KK i guess but it was okay..we shopped for her things..then go for lunch..i missed the supposedly sedap ikan bakar cuz my dad didnt remember the we had to eat at a smaller gerai..but the nasi ayam there was delish!!! i'd like to go eat there again..a restaurant with big payung on top of it..i'll remember it..but but..i dont know whether i'm ever gonna go there anymore cuz wawa's finishing high school this year sooo the chance of going back there is really tiny..okey then after lunch,we sent her back to school and go straight home..i slept for most of the journey..we arrived i think just before 5.30pm..yeahh very late..and i dont plan to do anything active since i've had lost my energy for the i just watch tv and gossip girl tonight..

downloading ueda's waratte itomo and hanamaru's interview currently..and hoping to watch it tomorrow..i reallllllllllly want to watch his romeo n juliet play..i bet its gonna b good!..i want to watch ueda acting!uwaaaa hopefully he'll get drama role next..woohooo!!i love anything that KAT-TUN member do..

jin below kame??*grins*

Ueda..ooops!! here's our japanese ROMEO!!

OMG!! JIn and Chocolate will forever b my addiction!!*flails and faint*

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine Day!!!

Happy Valentine Day everyone!!! whoever read my posts..

Today's 14th Feb..Valentine day..
though i've never really celebrate it..but i do get wishes..well that was until last year..
this year..sadly none!!..x((

Well....okay is nothing to be sad about actually cuz this year alhamdulillah..i got a new valentine!!!..

my NEW lappy!!!!!

yeayyyyyyy!!!! super ureshi rite now!!!!

due to the last super broken notebook..yeah i mean..reallllly broken..rosak teruk and had to be fixed like thousand time!!!!okay i'm exaggerating..but oh dad had promised me to get a new one before i fly back to NZ soooo..this is it!!!

my new sweetheart..a 12" hp compaq..i adore it so muchhh!!!

Since it's valentine first everrrrr wally is jinjin's valentine wally!!..its not really clear there in the pix above but well..i used my sis's lazy to find a real camera..jinjin's showing a heart symbol is the best for this valentine..i wonder how much did he get chocos today..i bet its uncountable!! i wish i can give him chocolate too..but..oh well..reality sucks! and i'm still here in malaysia..and he' Japan..the land of all amazing things!!!..
notice dat my mousepad is akame!!! its my first time using it! hahaaa!! i planned to use it when i'm back in auckland butttt i can't hold it anymore! since i get my lappy today..y not i use it today?? rite?..i love my akame mousepad! bought it with pika and betty..they're sooo lovely..i want to shop with them againnnnn!!!! but sadly i'm going away before we can hang out more often..arghhhh!!! y it is has to b this way??..well its god's plan..i can't change it..but i'm hoping this year will b sooooo fast and without knowing it,it'll b time for me to say gudbye to auckland and then i promise myself to spend some times with them more and more!!.yeahh.. ^_^

btw..yesterday was..what day is yesterday?..uh friday ne..i couldn't post anything due to my 'buziness'..hehe..i went to tbung haji to get some money for my lappy's repair cost..then i went to bandar i forgot for what..ohh sis wanna get some things for her class..well she the ketua keceriaan for her she needs some gift wrapper? for her class..she's working tooo hard for the sake of 'beautifying' the class i tell yah..huhh..wth jus leave her with her work..
then after bandar..we went home and i'm sooo tired i slept for a night i watched telly..
and that's all.. bland and plain..this is me..XP

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pregnant Guy Vs Vampire Book

I've been wondering bout what i'm gonna post today..seriously,i've done nothing really interesting today too! sad!! isk2..

i woke up quite late today then straight away i logged on to lj and looking for some info to satisfy my KAT-TUN ofcourse!!! hehehe..well..nothing new..but i spent some of my time reading a fanfic..entitled..jeng jeng jenggggg.."sexy pregnant darling"!!u guys can found it here-->> (warning!!don't open if you despise gay story) hahaha..wat is it about???..jin is pregnant in the making of ONE DROP PV..kvsjdhbfsdlfjhbvfslf!!!!!!! kyaaaaa!!! Akame story!!! interestingly..i love it!!!hehehe..maybe cuz its reallllly weird having the idea that my darling sexy hubby is pregnant!!!with ame's kiddo!! and twins tooo!!haha..seriously i can't stop laughing when i think about it..(^_^)v

okay2...nuff bout pregnant jin..hehe..i've also been reading twilight too..finished half ady and i'll continue before bed 2nite..interesting enough..but i've watched the movie soo i kinda know the ending already..i wanna read new moon but..i have to resist myself and finish twilight anyone who hasn't read the books..its really recommended!!! ^=^

This is it!! TWILIGHT!

humm..i'm really bored rite now..should i write about KAT-TUN??
maybe later..hehe..

well..i'll end this time with my sexy darling too!!
isn't his smile sooooo luvly?? hubby's hubby! KAMENASHI KAZUYA!!

he's my pika-chan luver!!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

oN My MiNd

... Baby please come back to wa ienai

“Baby, please come back” I won’t say it

Ano koro ni wa kaerenai

We can’t go back to those days

Sugisaru toki no nagare to

To the time that flowed away

Tada ima wa sugosu dake

And now, I’m just letting it pass by

Kienu omoi ga Coming back

The erased memories are Coming back

Itsuka toki hanateru no nara

If someday, I can dissolve it and let go

I believe inoru youni

I believe, like a prayer

I just wanna forget

I just wanna forget ...

(On My Mind, KAT-TUN)

That’s the chorus for a new KAT-TUN song. It does means something in my life if u ask me..

What??! Its a SECRET!! Shhhhh!! (^p^)

Well..i just wanna forget everything bad that happened last year..

and start a NEW BEGINNING..

I really needed it!


I’m starting this blog from now on..cewahhh..


I’m always to lazy to write in a blog..but i found out that its kinda interesting u know..

Dakara..i’m taking my chances and here i am..

So wish me luck!!

To keep this blog going..

to start of..

i'm showing u my hubby!!

AKANISHI JIN!! isn't he hot?? (^o^)