Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's finally shipped!

Dear Nadhirah Mohd Ghazali,

Thank you for shopping with, the No.1 Online Asian Entertainment Store. Your order (Order Number: 5408984) was successfully shipped on [Apr 28,2009], and you should be receiving it shortly. Thank you again for shopping with us, and we look forward to serving you in the near future.

*jumping and dancing around*

so happy~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I've noticed long ago~~

AKANISHI JIN of course!! JE's very own bad boy~party all night long-i-don't-care-what-other-ppl say- but he's also innocent in his own way~sweet and sensitive heart..just perfect~~

KYAAAHH!!! the eyes!! NISHIKIDO RYO's the name~he's the one with laser tongue and a pure childish heart..his coolness and shyness is just toooo cute!!!

OMG! CHUCK BASS!!! the BAD BOY in GG..i love him for simply being Chuck~the mistery behind chuck is irresistable!!

NICK CARTER! my lollypop teenage crush turn to be a real hottie~he transformed from the cutie pie,the baby in BSB to the party guy~woohooo!!~
he's my first celeb crush and forever will be~
last but NOT LEAST~~ TOM CRUISE!!!!!!
no words to describe him~he's just simply HOT!!!

doumooooooo~~~~!!! *do it like nakamaru's opening* ^_^"

this time's post..the original idea is from murni..i steal ok~hihi..
I KNOW..I KNOW~~some may say that bad boys are not good for you..
but..i am what i am~i can't resist them! LOL!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

another happy day~~

gosh!another reason to be happy about!!

KAT-TUN's 4th album is out!!! *jumps happily*

Break the records - by you & for you

jin n kame looks awesome! junno~what did u do to yr hair??..and koki~"great" lyrics! LOL!
KAT-TUN is WIN <33333

can't wait for my copy to arrive!!! lalalala~~~

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hontou ni Ureshi!!


Just received the best parcel ever yesterday!!!!

*jumping happily*


DUIT DAH MASUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*Will edit later with pictures..*

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Horse Riding!

wow..jus realised that the last post was like. 2 WEEKs AGO..

well..i AM busy..cuti pun busy kan?..huhuhu..kinda wish the holiday would extend lil bit more and give me more rest which i should get this holiday..yeah..the last 3 weeks was hell busy!..with lotsa program..hurmm..not the cuti i'd expect..demo tanoshi katta!!..the first week..its agama week..lots of usrah daurah,rehlah..and many more related to it..then preparing for the jaulah was kinda torturing..not because of the job..but hurmm..the ppl?..well its okay..just a bit misunderstanding..i'm okay now..then..i'm busy with fundraising last week..but i learned a lot during the task..hope to do it again!!..then..murni's house..sooooo fun!!! though its just ONE DAY! :(( but it's worth it..but..i wanna do the pocho2 again with more energy..dat day i was really drained tired already..don't want to do it actually..still did it for murni..XD we talked a lot when we meet each's really nice to pour everything all out..eventhough she talked more..LOL!well its because i dont have that many probs as last time i have prob,i'll tell everything! v(^_^)v i wish my trip to murni's hse could be be time lah..mybe if i don't have work..i'll stay over the weekend ke..probably..

well..anyway..the main reason i want to post this is cus i want to share some pictures for last week's trip!!!! yoohoooooooooo!!!!~~~~
it's my first horse riding trip!!!!!!~~~~

WILD WEST TREKKING at AWHITU(i think XP) uuuuuuuuuuu~~~~~~LOL!!

ok Done!..

ahh..i miss talking nonsense in this blog..huhu..

Friday, April 10, 2009

1582-kamenashi kazuya


ohayou gozaimasu~~!!!!

i've just woke up..and i feel like writing something..XP

ahhhh sooooooooo sleeeeepy!!!!..want to go back to bed..but can't..can't..can't get used to it..waking up late is not good for you..

i dream bout him again today..T___________T
why??..i don't want to..i don't understand why..and her also in that dream..and i tell you what..the irony is..we are renting in the same apartment!!! the dream laa..scary to think about..but the story's more to..he wants us to get back together..crushing her heart.. i want that??..what is the true meaning of that dream???..did i dream it cuz i think bout him so much lately??..arghhhh!!!!..*want to forget*

ok..ok..forget bout him!!!!

lets talk about KAT-TUN!!! \(^_^)/

i'm now listening to SADISTIC LOVE(preview)!!!! dlfhudslifvhsldbljbL SBdslgdbvlibh!!!!!!!!!!!!!*speechless* I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! seriously what else to say???? simple is big rite??'s simple rock!just my cup of tea..i know the song would be AMAZING by just looking at the title..*grin* i'm proud of them..they r leaving the age of lagu2 lembik like i like it,you..etc(not so many)..all their recent songs are amazing!!!..i want to album so badly now!!!
i want to listen to water dance must be super amazing as well..*listening*
my gosh!jin's voice!!"i'm dancing in water"~~~~wow sexy song!!!well..i love sadistic love more..but it's interesting as well! i'm not loving the techno usual~*hate techno*..but i love the melody!(^.^)v..wanna listen??

KaT-TuN move on to 1582 and Care..i can't describe just how much i love these 2 songs!(yup the word love pop up again~XD) unexpectedly i love a kame solo!wuhuuuuu!!!the violin and the mystery in the song~i'm super loving it!!! i think it's my fav kame solo,followed by kizuna,then someday for somebody..that's all..the others..well..honestly i don't really like them..gomen kazu-chan!! m(___)m
well as for CARE~ofcourse i love my baby's's more matured voice is more rockish..which is good^^..i love jinjin singing rock songs! i want my natsu~XD

okay2..nuff said bout them..i love their music more and more!!!..proud of you,KAT-TUN!!!

well..bout my's holiday..good friday..must be a good gal today..LOL!
well what to do??..yeahhh study!!!..tomorrow's jaulah day..yosh berusaha!!!^^

kay..that's all..thank you for reading..*bows*

mata ne!!*waves*

Thursday, April 9, 2009

OOKURANDO SAMUI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


that's what on my mind rite now..

AUCKLAND is colder~winter is definitely coming~fuyu(winter) wo daikirai!!!..its not that i hate winter that much..but the coldness!!the numbness in my hands while i was trying to write assignment..the layers of cloths that i have to wear..the red nose..ughh..the unpleasent heat from the heater is the worst!!!..please spring come fast~i miss you...

It was raining heavily in Auckland's just FINALLY over 5 mins ago..yokatta!~

HUJAN BATU!!!!! O-M-G-!!!!!

I was hit a thousand times with small tiny ice rocks today on my way to the library..
CHO ITAI!!! it hurts!! well just a little~but still~~~it was soooooooooo cold!!!!and slippery!
Alhamdulillah i brought my umbrella today..for the 1st time this year!! i have some protection from those crazy,tiny rocks!! >_< if not..i don't know what'll happen to me~grrrrrrrr..getting my face hit by ice rocks are NOT cool.. BUT YEAH~~ it was cool anyways~~my 1st experience with hujan batu~hope it's not going to happen again! what..peribahasa melayu says..hujan emas di negara org,hujan batu di negara sendiri..(am i rite?very bad with malay peribahasa) was totally the opposite!! LOL!!!

grrrrr~~~COLDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!! lets end this coldness with the awesome hotness..brought to you by none other than~~~~

urayamashi yo~~~he's in he can wear short sleeves~~huhu..
i want POPEYE MAG as a birthday present!!!!!!!!!

ps1:gomen na..can't show you the hottest pic..cuz it's public!!!

ps2:1582 and care are awesomely superbly amazing!!!! i'm in love~~~

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

tk puas hati~ >_<

just now..i'm soo bored so i took sometimes reading my sister's blog..

then tk pasal2~~~

y do i have to read it till the end??..i'm tagged~=_=

so what to do..i'll just do it then~seems fun..hihi..^_^

5 things in my bag:
-Japanese textbooks
-botol air

5 things in my wallet:
- Money
- Bankcards
- phone card
- I/c
-driving license

5 favourite things in my bedroom:
- my family picture
-My bed
- KAT-TUN and JIN's calendar (yup i need to have both XP)
- my clothes
- miera~

5 things I wish to do :
- go visit Murni
- Work
- speak and read fluent japanese
- go to Japan and study their culture
- bunjy

5 things I’m doing now :
- filling up this tag(copy paste ieda lah)
- looking at the sea
- listening to Care and 1582 repeatedly for the 100000th times
- drinking pine mango juice
- biting my lips

5 people I would like to tag:

- Farah
- Murni
- Fyza
- wajeehah Ghazali
- who else is following my blog??

arghhhhhhh!!!tk puas hati laaa pasal minah nih..sensitif sgt!!!! kesian my beloved friend..
FB ni pun satu..huhu..gomen my friend..aku mintak maaf byk2 if what i wrote troubles you..
i'm so stupid..................

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Omedetou Mizushima!!



*trows confetti*

i'm sooooo shocked yesterday after looking at my friend's lj page..
it says mizushima and ayaka-san are already MARRIED!!!
i was like OMG!!!! this can't be true!!!
i'm sooooooooooooo happy!!!!!
i love seeing them together..
love hiro's acting..♥♥
love ayaka's okaeri..♥♥

they get married cuz ayaka has a disease so hiro wants to protect her..
awwww soooo sweet!!! the playboy nanba-senpai is so sweet!!!
i really hope they last for a long time...
hiro better make ayaka-san happy ne!!! ^_^v


[LIFE]'s the 2nd day of holiday already!!and i'm sooo happy!!!just got back from avondale market for shopping 2 hours ago..didn't buy much..just a tshirt and bratz blanket for my dear aisyah..she must love it because it's her favourite bratz! ^_^ i miss her so much!!!
my mom called just now while we're waiting for the bus..and i'm so happy to hear their voices..
but bad news~~they told me wawa's sick *cries*..i'm so sad~~T___T~~hopefully she'll get better soon..i pray to Allah nothing's wrong with her..i wish i can go home and hug her tightly~~
i've just finished cooking 5 mins ago..just ikan masak kicap n oyster bok choy..simple n fast today..sooooo tired from the shopping..after this i'm going to Albert Park with Fyza..jalan2 and taking pictures~lalala~~hihi..i love walking while enjoying the fresh air and beatiful sceneries..that's why i love new zealand sooooo much!!! ^_^

Friday, April 3, 2009

i want to meet you~ASAP!!!

"I want children," he answers without a second thought. "I really like them. I think they're adorable. I often carry my friend's kid and just walk around Shibuya normally."

Without realizing it, a slight smile peeks through while he talks. "I want three children. Boys are fine, too, but I would be really happy if the first were a girl. I would have her learn dance from a young age... and to keep her from becoming an easy(/promiscuous) woman, I'd be very strict about discipline (laugh). I want to be a young dad, so I've got to hurry. But, before that, there are still the steps of having a relationship and getting married... of course, I want to get through each of those properly, too."
-Jin Akanishi, Non-no magazine

This makes me realized why i love him so much~
he's not that 'cold and cool' guy that everybody worship~
he's just an ordinary sweet guy..
who thinks about family and friends~
oh Jin~~
i'm so in love with you~
when will we meet?..
and have 3 children~~
it's my dream too~~

i want to meet you~ASAP!!!

*just me and my mind*

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stressed out!!!!!

uwaaa~~tak sangka..kelip2 mata it's Wednesday already!!

cepat2 come friday~~nk cuti cepat!!!

miss murni!nk jumpa murni!!..sedih r tp tk dapat jumpa rahmah~but tkpe~insyAllah dpt jumpa gak winter nih..

MAJOR BAD NEWS!!! kinda sedih cuz ingatkn nk gi albany jumaat nih tp tetibe lak diorg nih nk buat meeting jaulah..
i mean why THAT Friday???!!!klau nk update pun please laaaa choose anyday except that friday!!!
i want to celebrate my dearest friend's bday~i miss her sooo much ady!!!huhuhu~


so many things to tell many things to complain with her..wanna let'em all out!!!..

lately..i don't feel like myself anymore..the "busy-ness" had slowly making myself faded i think..i feel like i took less care about myself these days..ugh sooo stressed!!!..

but but..i know i have to handle this by my own..i HAVE to!! who else can help me??..they r all busy with their things~~missing mummy so badly!!need mummy's huggles! (; _ ; )

i really need a vacation..a break..anything!!!..

miss fangirling with my dearest Akame fangirls~i MISS AKAME too!!! miss them sooo much!!!..
a week without them is a torture!!!ughhhh!!!!*pull hair*

i wanna do bunjy~~~

i wanna fly~~maybe do skydiving??..

but i'm gonna need more moneyyy!!!..anyone rich to sponsor me??..huhu..

IN MY DREAM!!*sigh*

*wishing jin's here*