Monday, June 15, 2009


having fun..when otak dh penuh..n while FG-ing with pika..hihi..

which KAT-TUN member is your true love by annabella1988
first love
current lover
secret lover
you marry this guy
your true love is...

Your date with KAT-TUN and NEWS by kenzou
You will go on a date with:
Then he will appear:
And will kiss youon your cheek
Which makes your partner:beat you
So that you will leave your partner, and meet him:
Who will invite you a restaurant, where you will:just talking and no ordering
The bill will be:$515
On your way to home, you will meet this guy:
Who will:hug you and piggy-back you home
At home, you will write an email about this day to

Which Kat-tun Member Will You Marry? by Miku
Member that you want to marry
DateApril 15, 2011
Member you're getting marry toAkanishi Jin

Who in KAT-TUN is your true love by miyuxx
Who do you like
Who likes you
Who do you marry
Who is your true love
in the endboth of you die

LOL..makes me happy! ^_^

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