Wednesday, May 20, 2009


argghh sakit kepala!
tkmau buat kerja!!
nak blk rumah..
yes! in malaysia!!..
cpatlaaaa masaaa~MyEm0.CoM
need to find new strength..

everything's so hard rite now~ T___T why??..don't ask..

ouh last presentation was done yesterday..yay no more for this sem!..i can rest happily..well..not tonnes of study to catch up..*sigh* when is this goin to end?..MyEm0.CoM

as for amejinjin..i'm NOT HAPPY with u guys! becauseeee..
why did u sing murasaki together without me watching?????!!!
soooooooooo unfairrr!!!*cries*MyEm0.CoM

i wanna go BACK!!!...or go to TOKYO!!! whichever is fine..asalkan i'm away from all these stress~T_________________T

ps:i still love amejinjin~XDMyEm0.CoM

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