Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jay and Jin


i can't believe the hols is finally over after 2 whole weeks!!
i love holiday..
part of me wanting to start so i can go back home earlier..
but..there's also
part of me wanting to continue the holiday cuz i'm not ready to face the busy period again..huhu..

i'm gonna go back on 28 december..most probably..uwahhh sooo late..but have to lah..want to experience last christmas here..not that i celeb8 it..but yeah just wanna see their culture b4 going back to malaysia for good..
haha..going back for good is that sounds?? though i dont wanna start working too fast but i don't really wanna study anymore..anyway..a working experience sounds nice esp b4 getting married..omoo..! married! GILE..idk when will i be getting married..but i must go to japan with my besties 1st b4 that!! ^o^ gotta kumpul duit and SAVE SAVE SAVE!!! JAPAN!! MATTE NE!!! XD for the sad part of my week..

my PARK JAEBUM..or JAY PARK..on 080909..he quitted sad is that???..i cried n cried whenever i saw the news..i cried alone when i cook,in the bath,alone in the room..just 4 jay..wth never thought of the day would come..but yeah i cried for a celebrity..even i've never cried for jinjin b4..JIN..don't u dare make me cry! >.<

jay oh jay..i know u're gonna come i've accepted the fact that u're gone for the moment..take your and think..then come back a strong 2pm leader! the one that'll stand strong for their a superb hyung bb! i know u can do it!!!

i watched your supposedly 'last' performance with 2pm..wth..khun wasn't even there..huhu..i wished there's 7 of you..but yeah..after this..they're gonna b 6 for a long time until u decided to come back..n i'll wait for the day..taec was..really upset during "i hate you" perf..i've never seen taec being that 'beast'ly during a perf..he really looks like he hates the fans..the way he took off his shades..ughh how depressing..wonder the fans know what's gonna happen the next 3 days..they sure be crying during the perf..but they were happy..see jay your fans were happy when you guys are together even when u sang i hate you with totally sad,depressing,vengeful face..they didn't know..we didn't know it's gonna be this bad..i read the story bout how a fan,she came all the way from america to see your on your anniversary..being happy to see your glimpse under JYP building..then going back knowing nothing on the day u left..she's really happy then..she..she..her world fell miserably just like that when she read that u've sad was that?i'm glad i'm not her..then i'll not b able to recover this's really not easy to accept..

i wish..u'll hear the fans and come back on your will..when u're ready..cuz u know..the fans are with you..i hope u know that jay..hurmm how i wish jay is reading my post rite now..sigh..
u're really one of the kind jay bb..stay true to yourself..make us proud..COME BACK! show the stupid ppl the real 'never give up' JAY PARK!!!


and for jin..yes,jin..i've not forgotten bout you..i can't wait for your solo debut eventhough everyone are kinda against it..but i'll support you..i'll support other members' solo project as well..this is how u gonna grow creatively..i cant understand some ppl who don't wanna support you cuz they think it'll make kat-tun fall apart..i just..cannot agree with that..when kame did DB ALONE..they didn't say anything..when maru n ueda were doing their solo concert..they were fine with it..then when u..trying to break away for a while..just promoting your movie..cannot be accepted by the fans..i just can't believe it..sigh..i wish they'd understand more..i want you to have more success..more future that u're gonna b a legend..just cant understand those who didn't want 2 watch your love scene hence, your movie just bcoz they're they think you're gonna marry them or something?haha..wtv they're still my frens nonetheless..but i just can't accept their view on that..i wish they're more open on that..huhu..i'll watch it..or even buy the dvd when it comes out..i'll support you till the day i'm not able to support u anymore..but as for now..u go baby!! don't give up your dreams!!

ok i think i've wrote enough to survive another sem..hahaha..or yeah mybe i'm gonna write again the nest time i'm stressed..

till then


jgn lupa malam lailatul Qadar..^^

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