Sunday, September 27, 2009

a messed up day*sigh*


i'm feeling kinda messed up..

i miss mummy~
i miss daddy~
i miss jin~
i miss kat-tun~
i miss jay~
i miss 2pm~
i miss wild bunny~
i miss 1st season of CKT~
i miss my CR friends~

i want to eat dried mango~
i want to eat chocolate~
i want to sleep more~
i want to go shopping~
i want to eat less~

i don't want to do research~
i don't want to calculate options~
i don't want to do the presentation~
i don't want to apply for jobs yet~



messed up! stressed out!!!

i need my daily dosage of KAT-TUN / 2PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jin,be good will ya..
Kat-tun, please release a new song..
Jay, just come back please..
6pm,don't hide..FIGHT for Jay!!!

this is torturing..


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