Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's me again

Salam Ramadhan~~~

It's been a while huh..
just trying hard to keep my blog alive right now..hehe..
so so lazy to post EVERYtime i have things to be remembered about..LOL

to keep a decent memory while it's still in a recap for what's going on in my life (this is solely for my keep anyway,i know no one reads my blog) ;p

this is in any way NOT in a timely order cuz i'll just write whatever POPs into my head right now.

1. It's resolution for this year is to rekindle my relationship with Quran..since i came back here from Auckland,our relationship had i pledge to read Quran or listen to Quran whenever i can..Yosh!

2. My Sis's departure to U.K is very's almost confirmed..13th SEPT 2010..i'm so proud of her! she had been waiting for so long!! i know i'm gonna miss her sooooooo much!!!!!!!! we have been hanging out whenever she comes here to KL and i really appreciate those's very short, but hey it's precious. Since she's an active blogger..i'll try to keep my blog alive as much as i can to keep in touch with her..hey..blogging is not's just NOT my thing..haha.

3. AKANISHI JIN's departure from KAT-TUN. it's not been confirmed but this REAPED and TORNED my heart to pieces, really..i still can't listen to KAT-TUN's songs without tears at the corner of my eyes. i know i'm being dramatic as it's irrelevant to real life but you don't know how much i LOVE them. i don't worship them but i love them. i know i'll still be supporting both sides like i did for 2PM but 2PM's and KAT-TUN's case is somewhat different..KAT-TUN was like my savior from's crazy,really but they helped me go through my post-breakup depression phase really well with their personalities,song,fans..they're just the best..i still have no ideas of how it's gonna be when it's confirmed..sigh..

4. My boss said to me once.."we're planning to promote you to executive position"
i was like.."really?"....
..."um...yeahh haha..alright boss..thank you so much..when it is going to be?"..
.."if you maintain your performance,maybe it's going to be around sept? give us another 2 months to make it possible alright.."
..."ohh yeah boss, great! Thank you so much!"
.."alright you may continue your work,i have works to do as well..haha"
..."haha,ok2 thanks boss"...............

my head went blank and a smile widening across my face..:))
then it faded..OMG..DILEMA! another job with better pay or a permanent position???
then after weeks of torturing my heads..
i've decided..i'll stay for a while to increase my market demand..
good decision??bad decision?? hurmmmm..

5. August..nothing much going on..except i'm going for a guy hunting! LOL it sounds sexist but i think i finally NEED a man in my life!! HAHA..after almost 2 years being single and happy i started to worry about my lonely life..i have wonderful friends but none are more than just being friends. Those that i can share things with, and manja2 with..hehe..i remember for this 2 years, i've been running away from men..LOL..they're always ended up feeling rejected without telling how they felt about me..always there's a wall..a huge wall..i'll keep remember myself to still keep those walls still but make it thinner? haha..

for those who are interested my criteria are very simple:
you must maintain a decent religious life, have a dependable future, non-smoker, loyal, responsible, respectful, not a sexist, and have a good sense of humours..

...........but they are surprisingly hard to find..T.T

alrighty then..going to sleep..till next time..mata ne! oyasuminasai!

btw before i forget..

a shout-out to a dear friend..



  1. so terharu! goona miss u tooo! (^^)

    ieda nak abang!!! :D haha

  2. AWWWWWWWW, SORRRYYY DEARRRRR!!!!! AKU BARU BACER UR BLOG AND SEEING MY NAME AT THE END REALLY SOBSS ME :"( i fell lonely too but not because i need a guy (lolz). i need u dear!! jealous giler tau tngok u hang-out2 ngn kwn2, how i wish i was there walking with u guys too. i'm facing ups and downs. sometimes i think it's ok to wait for a little more time for a better job. some other time, i sobs alone, thinking bout my bad luck. but in between i'm deeply appreciate of having a wonderful family and dear frens supporting me no matter what.

    and i strongly support ur decision to find someone special.a husband-to-be. well, we're getting old day by day anyway ;p