Friday, August 20, 2010


ok, crazy..
i don't know whether to apply or not..
someone ask me to apply for a spot in KRU Records management..Finance dept laa..hehe
just now,he gave me his friend's email.his friends works as finance manager or smthg...he seems persistent that i apply for it..
adoiii y suddenly meet this guy..

now headache..

cam best je..gaji

knp bkn company lain????


  1. advise...don't go to KRU, i have a friend that was an intern there, their environment not that`behaving', but no comment on Finance Dept

  2. yaa? not behaving mksudnya cmne? my friend was kinda forcing me to apply so i just apply je..but no words from them yet,personally mmg tknak pun..thanks for the advise..