Monday, March 23, 2009


i am just too depressed with my works!..y so many???? i just don't feel like doing it anymore..
taking breaks~ this week is the worst! next week too..i can feel it..assignments,tutorials prep,tests,presentation~~in addition i have to catch up with my readings which i haven't got time to do..argghhhh!!!!!watever~thank god i'm not doing medic or anything hard like that..feel like spamming this blog with my jinjin.. XD (a chance to look at my dearest many2 times..hehe..)

cute beanie ne~~i love him with caps/beanies *huggles jin*

thinking bout me?? XDDD

many faces of my jinjin~♥♥♥♥

laughing cute!!!

i love his hair fav!!!*wishing my future _____ have the same hair style* XD

dflhvslfhbfhhuha;!!!! kawaiiii!
gosh~i adore his smile! please smile more jin!!*i know u will when kame's around**wink2* XD
i prefer u sweet~
....and sexy~can't choose!!!!
arhh!the nerdy look! ...can't..resist...temptation!~

aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh~~~~feeling better now!!!*hugging jin tightly* thanks sweety!!!!!

~but missing mummy...


  1. So many Jins!!! XD Picspamming sure will make all those depressing moments go away don't they? Just looking at these pics just made this boring class more interesting.. ^_^
    I'm grinning like an idiot right now.. And I'm in class.. Hopefully no one will notice.. Jin is so sexy, cute, pretty and... All the nice thing I could praise about him!! XD

    Oh!! No!! I'm being unfaithful to Kame!! -_-!
    Just kidding.. Kame is still no 1!! ^o^
    I wanna do Kame's picspam as well when I got enough time and I want to hug Kame as well!! *hugging kame tightly*

    I miss my mummy too.. T_T But I guess it must be harder for you since you're so far away.. I should be grateful since I'm still in Malaysia.. Ganbatte ne, Diera-chan!! Try holding on a bit more.. :)

  2. yeahh~~it really did!!just by looking n fangirling at jin makes me happier..def less stressed!..

    yeahh!! do a kame picspam!!!i wanna see!i wanna see!!!

    umm..yeahh..i want my mummy's hug so badly right makes everything go away..but..yup!i'm trying hard to hold on..eventhough it's pretty hard..that's when kat-tun plays a special important part in my life..i can have them around anytime i want! they r a lifesaver!!