Tuesday, March 24, 2009


hahaha..u know what??..i did something crazy today~totally out of my mind!!
i went to a movie!!!!!! wooohoooooooo!!!!!
yeahh..it may sound weird to you n u'll be like O.o.what is she talking about??..it's so normal..
but yeah..
in this hectic time..i consider going to a movie while tons of assignments lying on the table waiting to be touched is definitely ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!!!!
me and my ramble~
but..it was definitely worth it!!! i watched the "confession of a shopaholic". it was a great movie overall..it was funny,a bit sad,fluffy..and best of all..the actor was cute!!haha..i learn a thing or two bout financial management which was good..but all the gucci,prada,lv,jimmy choo stuff really makes me wanna go shopping!!haha!nooo i really shouldn't..or else it'll become the crazy things i did no 2!!!muahahaha..but yeah i'm glad i accept my roomate's invitation to watch the movie..i was just going cuz i felt sorry for her..she really want to watch it but there's no one to accompany her..sooo i went with her..and for the second time..i'm realllllllllllly glad i did!!!! cuz i don't really feel the burden too much anymore..maybe not tomorrow..but as for tonite,i'll be sleeping like a baby..without worries!yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

here's another good news! KAT-TUN's 4th album is coming out!!!! i don't know if it's really a good news or not cuz i don't really have the money to buy one..but yattttaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! i'm really happy for them! 10 straight no 1 singles..and hopefully 4 straight no 1 album!!! i'm really proud of them..i know this album is gonna be great!their music taste is getting better and better..just listen to rescue!white xmas!!on your mind!!it's tooooooooooooooooo good!!
i wish i can buy one..the limited edition one..please pray for me~~

i want to do a kame picspam too..just simply cuz i love him to bits!and cuz i'm waiting for CKT 102 which is gonna be tomorrow!he's soooo cute nowadays..i just want to squeeze him!!but farah,pika and particularly jin will be mad at me..so yeah..i'll spare him..=.=
i'll just hug him~nice and warm~~~ *wink2* XDDDD

arrrr..nobody can resist that!!!*flails*
and that!!! kyaaaaah~~

and the stares! dslguhavsveaflisbfv!!


kame is such a teaser!just want to hug him right here!!

yes..kame..i'll take anything u give me!i bet he's a good cook!!

thinking bout jinjin,kazu???

i wanna do more!!!but i'm a bit tired..got red eyes already..a sign that i should sleep..huhu..
but i'll do more later ne kazu~i love you no matter what!^^


  1. You almost made me scream alright.. It's midnight here and my roommate is sleeping.. Can't disturb her.. Well, I'm going to get a bit jealous if you squeeze him.. But Jin will be the one who'll get mad right? Or maybe Pika? Or maybe me? Just kidding!! Hehe!! ^o^

    Thanks for spamming Kame's pics.. I love all of it!!! You just made me super happy right now!! XD Kame is so sexy, adorable, pretty and... Everything nice I could say about him!! It's so hard to describe!! XD This sounds like how I describe Jin b4.. I guess that's Akame.. If not, they won't match together.. ^__^

    I wanna do a pic spam of Kame as well!! But I have to save my next post for something else.. T_T And I just post something irrelevant and long just now.. I'll work something out..

    Btw, "Confession of a shopaholic".. It was on "movies I want to watch" lists.. But I almost forgot.. Thanks 4 the reminder.. ^o^

  2. hehe..i was screaming too!!!kame IS so sexy, adorable, pretty, and...more!yup!jin's too ofcourse!!..that's y they r a match in heaven..cewahh am i exaggerating?haha..

    i'll be waiting for that picspam!!i was jus doing it cuz i want to spend time with them..haha..pathetic..but true..i can't spend time ard lj nemore nowadays..no time..writing this blog too takes time but i don't care..as long as i can have a look at my akame~even if it's jus for a moment..that's fine with me!..fangirling by myself..makes me happy!hihi..^_^

    yup2!the movie is a definite must go!!! it's so funny!!!i'll give it a 7.5/10..go go watch it!!

  3. No.. U're not exaggerating bec I think so too!!
    Hehe.. I've done the picspam already.. Not that much cause don't have that much time.. I'm going to do more later.. ^o^

    Me too, looking at Akame for a moment is enough to make me happy for quite a long time.. :) It's kinda sad but I did fangirling seorg2 most of the time as well.. But I'm still happy!! ^o^

    Yes!! I'm going to watch "Confession of a shopaholic" soon. :)