Monday, March 30, 2009

A busy week

Today, it's a start of a tough week.. i have to get myself together and fight for it!!!..

Yosh!!! I believe God is with me to get through my everyday life!!! GOD is always by my side~

Monday- Japanese Test~i think i can score this so i'm not that worried..but still i have to do revision..

Tuesday - Presentation~kowaii!..i haven't memorise all my points yet..need confidence!but i know i can do it!

Wednesday - 371 Test - the scariest of all~haven't finish studying..but InsyaAllah i'll finish by today n tomorrow i'll start with the practices..

Thursday - Jaulah meeting~and i need to get ready for the toughest tutorial,the next day..

Friday - Tough tutorial..but if i manage to do a good preparation maybe i'll do better than last week..we'll see..

yup,the anticipated week has finally come..
all i have to do is get through it..either i survive or die..
whatever it is~

GOD is my strength~
Family is my strength~
KAT-TUN is my strength~



v(^ _ ^ ;)v

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