Monday, September 6, 2010

true love??

how do you know when it's your true love?

it's been bothering me,seriously..with few past relationships just blown into outer space to some unknown places,deeply buried under boxes of painful's been years since i experienced L-O-V-E. now i can't even recognize true love, or maybe i just stopped believing long time ago..either way, i'm deeply confused..

i've imagine my future..
how would i want them to be..BUT...
it's true after all, life is destined for's supposed to NOT go as planned..

y am i suddenly talking about this?

cuz i just watched two crappy love movies today while being sick and lonely at home..

Valentine's day
When in Rome

it's crappy but it kept me thinking for a while..

even while watching planet 51 which is even crappier..ugh..

ok back to topic, well technically love is supposed to make you go ga-ga, feeling romantic all of sudden over..well maybe a stranger..
if in movies, you'll get to know them, had a great time,then u make out..bla3..there goes true love for ya..
but in reality, not so much..especially being a muslim ofcourse..

it still bothers me that i can't have any answers unless i find that out myself..
and i couldn't find that out myself when i'm so busy with work..
flirting here and there is not a good solution..
being fanatical about handsome guys is not the solution..
being so technical about how a hubby should be is ALSO, not a good solution..

so..what's the perfect solution to love then?

alright,that's just something to ponder anyway..

to me, the simplest answer i can find right now is,

if you don't go seeking for love, it'll come to you in a naturally pleasant way..

well, that's me and my so called

good night folks! i'll leave you thinking about it..:)

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