Thursday, September 16, 2010

Watching her...

going away vs watching loved ones go..

i've felt both..

both are totally different..

going away, i'm all excited, happy and full of nervous-ness..

but watching my sis go beyond that gate..
can't help but feeling so proud of her..
so happy for her..

but at one point i feel like holding onto her, not letting go..

even though i know she's going to be fine..
she's my baby sister..

i'm not going to be near..
to protect her..
to watch her grow..
to support her..
to hold her close..

hopefully for less than a year

it hurts..

now i know how mommy n daddy feel like..

p/s to ieda,if you ever read this, don't cry k..


  1. goshhh U MADE ME CRY OKEYHHHH? dah nak 3 month baru realise this entry. omg. i miss u! :')