Tuesday, December 14, 2010

lil bit cheesiee

yesterday nite was a total cheesie day..ok, night.. dinner was..cheesi-ful!

it was my first time eating at a real italian restaurant..ITALIANIES, where food where made to share..believe me, their tagline was “So Much, So Good, So Share"..pretty much explains it all,don't u think? HOWEVER the portions for last nite for me, was actually pretty normal..i actually thought it's going to be sooo big,i was really afraid to order for dessert..but we did go to heaven..:D lets get to that later..

i ate classic carbonara (lunch size) which was normal fettucine with parmesan cream sause with slices of meat and mushroom..it's tasty enough for my liking so i gave it a B+..the sauce was very thick but lack of some more flavour i think..nonetheless,it was one of the best carbonara i've ever tasted!!

Next up is beef lasagna..i've only tasted a piece of it so not much to comment on..but the mozarella top, was very lovely..the crispiness and stickiness together creates a mouthful dish.nyumm..totally delish..but the lasagna itself was a bit dry for me..i crave for creamy lasagna and that dish was not enough for me..too bad..

last but not least.

the heavenly NY strawberry cheesecake..the best cake ever!the texture of the cake is so fine, i taste cheeseeee all over my mouth..i didnt taste no eggs,no cream,no milk whatsoever..just cheese..and together with the strawberry sauces, nothing beats this cake..seriously u have to go have a try..:)) and it looks just like the pic above..hee..i didn't manage to take any photos since we're so hungry and excited to see our food ;p A++

that was one of my memorable dinner ever..good food,good companion..
what else can you ask for?..

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