Thursday, May 3, 2012



Dear May,
Please be nice to me, him, us, our family and the loving people around us..
God bless us insyaAllah..

Lamenye tidak meng'update' daily menu..
Mcm la busy sgt..haha..
dah la dh tinggal2 herbalife wlupun jaga wat i eat..
still not that nutritious..

ok as goes......

Breakfast 8.45pm : 225 cal
1 cup papaya (55cal)
2 F1 Cappucinno (95cal) + 200ml water (0cal) + 100ml soymilk (75cal) + collagen dust
800ml water

Lunch 1pm : 667cal
1 cup chicken rice (277cal)
1 portion steamed chicken (wings) (130cal)
1 bbq chic wing (80cal)
soup and condiments (60cal)
Pak choy with oysters (100cal)
3 sip mountain dew (20cal)

Snack 6pm : 121 cal
2 Plums (60cal) and 8 grapes (61cal)

Dinner (9.40pm) : 627cal
2 F1 Choc (87cal) + 1 F3 (60cal) + 200ml Soymilk (150cal)
1 Mini choc chip muffin (250cal)
1 mouthful maggi goreng daging (80cal)

Workout (8.40pm - 9.40pm) : 222 calories burned
20 crunches
100 high kick
20 push up
50 star jump
100 skipping (57cal)
2.29km for 21min treadmill (95cal)
20min low impact bike (70cal)

Cal intake : 1640
Cal burned : 222
Total Cal : 1418
mDCR : 1334
Surplus Calorie : 84

Can't believe my calories limit was killed by the ONE mini muffin i ate..cuz it's mummy's muffin..Thank god my workout saved me..

Alhamdulillah..Hope for a better control on my food..

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