Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Friend Date


Dah sampai dah 10 hari terakhir ramadhan..

tup2..tkleh pose pulak..haha..

Alhamdulillah goal tercapai la jugak kecuali bace quran ngn bgun qiamullail..
aduhaii susahnyeee nak bgun n luangkn masa nak bce quran..
sahur pun kadang2 skip sbb penat sgt..
ape kehey la nadhirah.......
moge2 pas suci nnt dpt pertingkatkan lagi mutu ramadhanku..

hmm a lot of things in my mind recently..
many things happened which needs consideration..

but most recently i met him..gosh i missed him..but we're in good place friends..
i love seeing him being this happy..
he lost quite some weight..dulu byk je makan i kacau him..hihi..
he just laughed with undescripable look in his eyes..
but..ape2 pun he looks happy..n that's most important to me..
me, i'm happy being in this friendship..regardless of what everyone will say..
cuz i was miserable not able to know how is he doing..

Dear God, let me love him from afar..
for his happy eyes and smile is my happiness..
the pain is somewhat bearable now..
for your love, God i will stand strong.

ni yg ktorg makan..

Nasi Kandar Kayu Ampang..
Sedap giler weh kuah die yet i cant finish it..sayang betol..

After makan we went to line up dkt Baskin Robbin..omigosh i shudve taken some pics of the line..
cray cray, mannn..
so we waited for around 7 mins then decided to go..its not worth it, just a scoop anyway..just RM7..takyah nak bazir masa beratur sgt laaaahhh..hahaha..

okeh once again some pics from my ramadhan so far..hehe..kenangannn...

berbuka dgn sabby after slimming sanctuary - redeem voucher tahannnn pastu mkn nasi goreng+chatime!!!! XD

biskut oreo black beauty yg blom dibakar..yg dh bakar dh abis ngap lupe nk snap pics..=p

resepi plg senang di sodapppp sgt!

hi this is Emma my best friends in office AKA my teammate..

p/s : weekend ni kena paksa HNSH change my header and not me anymore..

ok baiiii~~~xoxo

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