Thursday, August 30, 2012

Optimistic Thursday

I'm hoping to stay optimistic bout the future after an emo day yesterday..Thus the blog title which is nothing related to this post..=p

k actually just nk post camwhoring photos kat sunway Piramid semalam..we went to shop for my engagement, my Fyza's engagement laa this saturday..i'm gonna be her dulang girl and i just realised in da morning that i dont have a proper shoe..thanks ema for teman-ing me..=D

i'm gonna wear the exact same outfit for the engagement day cuz apparently i don't have any other pink traditional wear =,= i look weird below btw cuz i cant see my expression clearly. but Ema's cute as always.. love her!

Hahahahah.. Muka Ema kena potong!!..hahahaha XD

Btw...Blogging while working is fun! I get so many working ideas when writing/reading blogs..hehehe..

Shhhh..Don't tell my boss!

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