Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stressed out!!!!!

uwaaa~~tak sangka..kelip2 mata it's Wednesday already!!

cepat2 come friday~~nk cuti cepat!!!

miss murni!nk jumpa murni!!..sedih r tp tk dapat jumpa rahmah~but tkpe~insyAllah dpt jumpa gak winter nih..

MAJOR BAD NEWS!!! kinda sedih cuz ingatkn nk gi albany jumaat nih tp tetibe lak diorg nih nk buat meeting jaulah..
i mean why THAT Friday???!!!klau nk update pun please laaaa choose anyday except that friday!!!
i want to celebrate my dearest friend's bday~i miss her sooo much ady!!!huhuhu~


so many things to tell many things to complain with her..wanna let'em all out!!!..

lately..i don't feel like myself anymore..the "busy-ness" had slowly making myself faded i think..i feel like i took less care about myself these days..ugh sooo stressed!!!..

but but..i know i have to handle this by my own..i HAVE to!! who else can help me??..they r all busy with their things~~missing mummy so badly!!need mummy's huggles! (; _ ; )

i really need a vacation..a break..anything!!!..

miss fangirling with my dearest Akame fangirls~i MISS AKAME too!!! miss them sooo much!!!..
a week without them is a torture!!!ughhhh!!!!*pull hair*

i wanna do bunjy~~~

i wanna fly~~maybe do skydiving??..

but i'm gonna need more moneyyy!!!..anyone rich to sponsor me??..huhu..

IN MY DREAM!!*sigh*

*wishing jin's here*

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