Friday, March 30, 2012


Alhamdulillah..Bonus day!!
This my 1st bonus, so i'm really happy and thankful to Allah especially..
all the hard work pays..sufficient or not it's up to Allah to decide..
i'm just thankful i get any..:))


Effective 1st April..i'm gonna get promoted insyaAllah..

It is all going well..Alhamdulillah..

Promises to myself..

-I've got to work better and harder for next year bonus. I've to remind myself that I work for Allah, my family, myself..
- Be consistent in HL. Work for a healthier me.
- Get closer to Allah..

Recap on New Year Resolution (after 3 months)

1. To get higher salary job - Checked!(Alhamdulillah)

2. To lose weight to 55kg - Currently at 67kg, another 12kg!!!!!!! do i get so fat? lol..btw..i still have Apr-Dec (around 9 months 1.3kg per month) phewww quite tough but i must be consistent in eating healthy..portion control and consistency are key to losing weight..

3. To travel oversea - yet to plan..need to save first =.=

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