Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 4

Breakfast : Office 8.45am3 tbsp F1 Choc + 200ml water + 200ml soymilk (no yogurt today..and i don't like the taste..eek very powdery..suke klau creamy2 time,yogurt is a must! )
250ml teamix + 250ml water
500ml water

i'm still experimenting my many tbsp should i put, should put F3 or not..
I increased my F1 portion because yesterday by lunch i am so freaking i think to avoid over eating i should increase my F1 intake..
Also because i usually workout after work (if i do workout) then probably at dinner it would be best time to include F3..if i did not workout, i will opt out F3..because F3 is concentrated protein, i will gain muscle..i want to lose inches now,ie lose fats..but after workout my muscle is starving for nutrion hence adding F3 will be beneficial to that..
Lunch : The Chicken Rice Shop 1pm

Set Good Lunch RM6.90
- 1 plate rice
- 1 portion roasted chicken (wing)
- soup
- Ipoh bean sprout (Probably 3-4 tbsp)
- Chilli sauce + Ginger oil
- 7Up No ice 1 glass (250ml)

Teamix+250ml water
750ml water

Dinner : 9.30pm Home

1 plate homemade spaghetti meatballs (5 meatballs + meat dense gravy) yumm!
250ml water
teamix + 250ml water

250ml water + herbal aloe drink

250ml water

i've got to take a rest from HL for dinner cuz i've been craving to make this spaghetti since last month but because of laziness i didn't make but today i feel a bit rajin so i went home, bought some stuff and start cooking..this is how it looks..yummm! i'll continue taking HL tomorrow..=.='
Total water:3L

P/s: i want to buy those tiny blender for smoothie current blender can't blend ice since i bought it a cheap price (and it's ELBA =.=') any idea where?

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