Monday, February 16, 2009

WaWa and a TIRING Day

ohhhh my god!! i'm sooo tired today..gone to visit wawa today at MRSM pengkalan hulu which is sooooo far!! its like going to penang then come back home in one day..which is exhausting and took allllll my power today..
but on the other hand..i got to see wawa!! which i've missed since like forever!!..she's my pretty n intelligent lil sister..the last i've seen her was like a month ago..ohh yeahh..last gong xi fa cai..i miss her sooo much..and today was the last time im gonna meet her this year..well until i've come back again to malaysia that is..she sooo hardworking..when we arrived this morning after a very very early departure from home (i had to wake up earlier then my usual time)..aisyah and i went looking for her in her room but the rest of the student gone!!! yeahh..hysterically (well not really).. we asked around and found out that she was having her mentor mentee class..yeahh bummer..we come early and have to wait for her to finish for like 45 min or less..then there she was..still gorge! but dad just had to pick at her and told her she had gained weight..woooo!!way to go daddy!!hehe..well after that we went to Baling..a really small town,smaller than KK i guess but it was okay..we shopped for her things..then go for lunch..i missed the supposedly sedap ikan bakar cuz my dad didnt remember the we had to eat at a smaller gerai..but the nasi ayam there was delish!!! i'd like to go eat there again..a restaurant with big payung on top of it..i'll remember it..but but..i dont know whether i'm ever gonna go there anymore cuz wawa's finishing high school this year sooo the chance of going back there is really tiny..okey then after lunch,we sent her back to school and go straight home..i slept for most of the journey..we arrived i think just before 5.30pm..yeahh very late..and i dont plan to do anything active since i've had lost my energy for the i just watch tv and gossip girl tonight..

downloading ueda's waratte itomo and hanamaru's interview currently..and hoping to watch it tomorrow..i reallllllllllly want to watch his romeo n juliet play..i bet its gonna b good!..i want to watch ueda acting!uwaaaa hopefully he'll get drama role next..woohooo!!i love anything that KAT-TUN member do..

jin below kame??*grins*

Ueda..ooops!! here's our japanese ROMEO!!

OMG!! JIn and Chocolate will forever b my addiction!!*flails and faint*

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  1. Yeah!! Japanese Romeo!! ^o^ That's so cute.. He declared himself as Japanese Romeo XD I want to watch the stage play too coz I love Shakespeare.. I took English Literature in form 6 just bec I want to study Shakespeare.. So I was so happy when I found out that Ueda will be playing Romeo XD

    As 4 me, Kame is no 1 of course coz he's so adorable XD Yaay!! I got another Akame fan friend XD Anyway, dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu ^o^

    Btw, you can read my nonsense blog :)