Wednesday, February 11, 2009

oN My MiNd

... Baby please come back to wa ienai

“Baby, please come back” I won’t say it

Ano koro ni wa kaerenai

We can’t go back to those days

Sugisaru toki no nagare to

To the time that flowed away

Tada ima wa sugosu dake

And now, I’m just letting it pass by

Kienu omoi ga Coming back

The erased memories are Coming back

Itsuka toki hanateru no nara

If someday, I can dissolve it and let go

I believe inoru youni

I believe, like a prayer

I just wanna forget

I just wanna forget ...

(On My Mind, KAT-TUN)

That’s the chorus for a new KAT-TUN song. It does means something in my life if u ask me..

What??! Its a SECRET!! Shhhhh!! (^p^)

Well..i just wanna forget everything bad that happened last year..

and start a NEW BEGINNING..

I really needed it!


I’m starting this blog from now on..cewahhh..


I’m always to lazy to write in a blog..but i found out that its kinda interesting u know..

Dakara..i’m taking my chances and here i am..

So wish me luck!!

To keep this blog going..

to start of..

i'm showing u my hubby!!

AKANISHI JIN!! isn't he hot?? (^o^)

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