Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine Day!!!

Happy Valentine Day everyone!!! whoever read my posts..

Today's 14th Feb..Valentine day..
though i've never really celebrate it..but i do get wishes..well that was until last year..
this year..sadly none!!..x((

Well....okay is nothing to be sad about actually cuz this year alhamdulillah..i got a new valentine!!!..

my NEW lappy!!!!!

yeayyyyyyy!!!! super ureshi rite now!!!!

due to the last super broken notebook..yeah i mean..reallllly broken..rosak teruk and had to be fixed like thousand time!!!!okay i'm exaggerating..but oh dad had promised me to get a new one before i fly back to NZ soooo..this is it!!!

my new sweetheart..a 12" hp compaq..i adore it so muchhh!!!

Since it's valentine first everrrrr wally is jinjin's valentine wally!!..its not really clear there in the pix above but well..i used my sis's lazy to find a real camera..jinjin's showing a heart symbol is the best for this valentine..i wonder how much did he get chocos today..i bet its uncountable!! i wish i can give him chocolate too..but..oh well..reality sucks! and i'm still here in malaysia..and he' Japan..the land of all amazing things!!!..
notice dat my mousepad is akame!!! its my first time using it! hahaaa!! i planned to use it when i'm back in auckland butttt i can't hold it anymore! since i get my lappy today..y not i use it today?? rite?..i love my akame mousepad! bought it with pika and betty..they're sooo lovely..i want to shop with them againnnnn!!!! but sadly i'm going away before we can hang out more often..arghhhh!!! y it is has to b this way??..well its god's plan..i can't change it..but i'm hoping this year will b sooooo fast and without knowing it,it'll b time for me to say gudbye to auckland and then i promise myself to spend some times with them more and more!!.yeahh.. ^_^

btw..yesterday was..what day is yesterday?..uh friday ne..i couldn't post anything due to my 'buziness'..hehe..i went to tbung haji to get some money for my lappy's repair cost..then i went to bandar i forgot for what..ohh sis wanna get some things for her class..well she the ketua keceriaan for her she needs some gift wrapper? for her class..she's working tooo hard for the sake of 'beautifying' the class i tell yah..huhh..wth jus leave her with her work..
then after bandar..we went home and i'm sooo tired i slept for a night i watched telly..
and that's all.. bland and plain..this is me..XP

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