Saturday, February 28, 2009

JusT some Random StuFF


i'm bored..

its 12.24am..lurking ard lj for some interesting news..but nothing really..and i got no one to talk to now.. X(

this house is in a really terrible mess..those ppl havn't come and take their things yet..i can't kemas my barang yet..sooo depressing.. how can i start class this monday??..the real reason i came back here sooo early(n miss kame-chan's party) is so that i can get ready for this semester..unlike last year which is realllly last min..and its tiring..but now..cuz those ppl..i can't get on my plans..i hate it..

the storm outside is quite strong..the wind is scary..kowaii~~!!it sounds like ghost or sumthing..sumone's bathrobe is hanging outside n its flying like crazy..its scary!!huhu..

listening to the preview of 7 days battle now..i LOVE it!!!well yeah i admit sumtimes(but VERY FEW!),kat-tun's songs r i like it~or shot ..but honestly i like 7 days battle!since its simple plain rock..i love when kat-tun doing anything rockish..they're really something..every songs r different in their on ways..way to go KAT-TUN!! dats y i love u guys!!!

i love this pic..its so plain simple..but beautiful at the same time..i dunno how to express it in the perfect way cuz im not good in expressing my feelings but i love it...esp the right bottom pic..its just..ldhudliuflsiufhsdlfiudshvilbhsd!!!

just read utusan online..ughh!!malaysian politics r gettin worse!soo teruk! calling ppl celaka??thats just plain rude i'd say..i'm speaking as a simple girl without a very strong knowledge on politics..celaka is a very strong insult word for malay..its very unrespectful for that person to say it..especially in public!!..he shud just back off this terrible situation instead of making it worst!..sueing the sultan is one thing..but calling malays celaka is another issue..please with different culture in malaysia is hard enough please don't make it harder..while i'm not being racist or anything..sumtimes i just wish..malaysian wud just make up and live issue like owhh chinese wants everything,the indians want this..the malays being ungrateful..blah3..please..just be grateful n live like our ancestors do..

i'm thankful i'm in New Zealand right now..i don't have to think about the situation in Malaysia..

but Malaysia please..please recover..i'm starting work next year..i don't want any problems getting jobs just bcause malaysia's politics is unstable..fix our economy!


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