Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pregnant Guy Vs Vampire Book

I've been wondering bout what i'm gonna post today..seriously,i've done nothing really interesting today too! sad!! isk2..

i woke up quite late today then straight away i logged on to lj and looking for some info to satisfy my KAT-TUN ofcourse!!! hehehe..well..nothing new..but i spent some of my time reading a fanfic..entitled..jeng jeng jenggggg.."sexy pregnant darling"!!u guys can found it here-->> (warning!!don't open if you despise gay story) hahaha..wat is it about???..jin is pregnant in the making of ONE DROP PV..kvsjdhbfsdlfjhbvfslf!!!!!!! kyaaaaa!!! Akame story!!! interestingly..i love it!!!hehehe..maybe cuz its reallllly weird having the idea that my darling sexy hubby is pregnant!!!with ame's kiddo!! and twins tooo!!haha..seriously i can't stop laughing when i think about it..(^_^)v

okay2...nuff bout pregnant jin..hehe..i've also been reading twilight too..finished half ady and i'll continue before bed 2nite..interesting enough..but i've watched the movie soo i kinda know the ending already..i wanna read new moon but..i have to resist myself and finish twilight anyone who hasn't read the books..its really recommended!!! ^=^

This is it!! TWILIGHT!

humm..i'm really bored rite now..should i write about KAT-TUN??
maybe later..hehe..

well..i'll end this time with my sexy darling too!!
isn't his smile sooooo luvly?? hubby's hubby! KAMENASHI KAZUYA!!

he's my pika-chan luver!!


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  1. Hehe.. I've read u'r comment..
    Owh.. It seems that u're an Akame fan as well.. I've read quite a few fanfiction as well.. Yupz.. Kame is so sexy and hot isn't he?

    Btw, how did u find my blog?
    Ahaha!! It's kinda embarrassing if u read my blog bec I always write nonsense in that blog, but anyway it's fine if u still want to read them go ahead.. ^o^ Since we all love Akame right? And u're a fan of Twilight too.. Guess we shared lot's of common interest.. Hehe :)