Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Doubutsu Uranai


You are Blue Koala, who is extremely honest person, and will say things that come up in your mind straightly.
You are also active and very cheerful.
You also possess feminine attraction and have distinguished atmosphere.
You are very popular, and tend to be with lots of people.
You value your friends too.
But unlike your outlook, you don't like to loose and are a strong-minded person.
You possess strong will-power, and are independent enough to carry things out without getting the help of the others.
You have great creativity sense and are much talented in this.
You act simply, but you possess complicated inner emotions.
You may be thought little bit eccentric.
You like to lead varied life, and try to change the atmosphere yourself too.
You can make quick decisions, and possess courage.
You are well liked by both men and women.
You have great sense of instinct and can get right at the point of things.
You can affect people as well.
You are very strict on money. <-- TRUE!
You will not go buying things on impulse.
Someone you love and your love life is what is most important to you in your life.
You possess great natural skill to manipulate men. ??
You should not rush into marriage after a passionate love.

you can try it too!!^^

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  1. I tried it and got Blue Panther.. Well, half of it suits my personality but not all.. It was fun ^o^

    It's okay to use Malay.. We are Malays after all.. Yupz.. Must be very2 segak right? Jin and Kame with baju Melayu.. I'm getting images that rush through my head and won't stop.. No!!! XD

    I know Pika-chan from KAT-TUN Colours Sky.. We're talking about the same Pika-chan right? She went to those meet up and we get to know each other.. Turns out we both love Akame, so we fangirling a lot!! XD Have you ever went to the meeting b4? We're going to celebrate Kame birthday this Sunday at KLCC.. Come and join us if you want ^o^