Friday, April 10, 2009


ohayou gozaimasu~~!!!!

i've just woke up..and i feel like writing something..XP

ahhhh sooooooooo sleeeeepy!!!!..want to go back to bed..but can't..can't..can't get used to it..waking up late is not good for you..

i dream bout him again today..T___________T
why??..i don't want to..i don't understand why..and her also in that dream..and i tell you what..the irony is..we are renting in the same apartment!!! the dream laa..scary to think about..but the story's more to..he wants us to get back together..crushing her heart.. i want that??..what is the true meaning of that dream???..did i dream it cuz i think bout him so much lately??..arghhhh!!!!..*want to forget*

ok..ok..forget bout him!!!!

lets talk about KAT-TUN!!! \(^_^)/

i'm now listening to SADISTIC LOVE(preview)!!!! dlfhudslifvhsldbljbL SBdslgdbvlibh!!!!!!!!!!!!!*speechless* I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! seriously what else to say???? simple is big rite??'s simple rock!just my cup of tea..i know the song would be AMAZING by just looking at the title..*grin* i'm proud of them..they r leaving the age of lagu2 lembik like i like it,you..etc(not so many)..all their recent songs are amazing!!!..i want to album so badly now!!!
i want to listen to water dance must be super amazing as well..*listening*
my gosh!jin's voice!!"i'm dancing in water"~~~~wow sexy song!!!well..i love sadistic love more..but it's interesting as well! i'm not loving the techno usual~*hate techno*..but i love the melody!(^.^)v..wanna listen??

KaT-TuN move on to 1582 and Care..i can't describe just how much i love these 2 songs!(yup the word love pop up again~XD) unexpectedly i love a kame solo!wuhuuuuu!!!the violin and the mystery in the song~i'm super loving it!!! i think it's my fav kame solo,followed by kizuna,then someday for somebody..that's all..the others..well..honestly i don't really like them..gomen kazu-chan!! m(___)m
well as for CARE~ofcourse i love my baby's's more matured voice is more rockish..which is good^^..i love jinjin singing rock songs! i want my natsu~XD

okay2..nuff said bout them..i love their music more and more!!!..proud of you,KAT-TUN!!!

well..bout my's holiday..good friday..must be a good gal today..LOL!
well what to do??..yeahhh study!!!..tomorrow's jaulah day..yosh berusaha!!!^^

kay..that's all..thank you for reading..*bows*

mata ne!!*waves*

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