Sunday, April 19, 2009

Horse Riding!

wow..jus realised that the last post was like. 2 WEEKs AGO..

well..i AM busy..cuti pun busy kan?..huhuhu..kinda wish the holiday would extend lil bit more and give me more rest which i should get this holiday..yeah..the last 3 weeks was hell busy!..with lotsa program..hurmm..not the cuti i'd expect..demo tanoshi katta!!..the first week..its agama week..lots of usrah daurah,rehlah..and many more related to it..then preparing for the jaulah was kinda torturing..not because of the job..but hurmm..the ppl?..well its okay..just a bit misunderstanding..i'm okay now..then..i'm busy with fundraising last week..but i learned a lot during the task..hope to do it again!!..then..murni's house..sooooo fun!!! though its just ONE DAY! :(( but it's worth it..but..i wanna do the pocho2 again with more energy..dat day i was really drained tired already..don't want to do it actually..still did it for murni..XD we talked a lot when we meet each's really nice to pour everything all out..eventhough she talked more..LOL!well its because i dont have that many probs as last time i have prob,i'll tell everything! v(^_^)v i wish my trip to murni's hse could be be time lah..mybe if i don't have work..i'll stay over the weekend ke..probably..

well..anyway..the main reason i want to post this is cus i want to share some pictures for last week's trip!!!! yoohoooooooooo!!!!~~~~
it's my first horse riding trip!!!!!!~~~~

WILD WEST TREKKING at AWHITU(i think XP) uuuuuuuuuuu~~~~~~LOL!!

ok Done!..

ahh..i miss talking nonsense in this blog..huhu..

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