Tuesday, April 7, 2009

tk puas hati~ >_<

just now..i'm soo bored so i took sometimes reading my sister's blog..

then tk pasal2~~~

y do i have to read it till the end??..i'm tagged~=_=

so what to do..i'll just do it then~seems fun..hihi..^_^

5 things in my bag:
-Japanese textbooks
-botol air

5 things in my wallet:
- Money
- Bankcards
- phone card
- I/c
-driving license

5 favourite things in my bedroom:
- my family picture
-My bed
- KAT-TUN and JIN's calendar (yup i need to have both XP)
- my clothes
- miera~

5 things I wish to do :
- go visit Murni
- Work
- speak and read fluent japanese
- go to Japan and study their culture
- bunjy

5 things I’m doing now :
- filling up this tag(copy paste ieda lah)
- looking at the sea
- listening to Care and 1582 repeatedly for the 100000th times
- drinking pine mango juice
- biting my lips

5 people I would like to tag:

- Farah
- Murni
- Fyza
- wajeehah Ghazali
- who else is following my blog??

arghhhhhhh!!!tk puas hati laaa pasal minah nih..sensitif sgt!!!! kesian my beloved friend..
FB ni pun satu..huhu..gomen my friend..aku mintak maaf byk2 if what i wrote troubles you..
i'm so stupid..................

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