Sunday, April 5, 2009

Omedetou Mizushima!!



*trows confetti*

i'm sooooo shocked yesterday after looking at my friend's lj page..
it says mizushima and ayaka-san are already MARRIED!!!
i was like OMG!!!! this can't be true!!!
i'm sooooooooooooo happy!!!!!
i love seeing them together..
love hiro's acting..♥♥
love ayaka's okaeri..♥♥

they get married cuz ayaka has a disease so hiro wants to protect her..
awwww soooo sweet!!! the playboy nanba-senpai is so sweet!!!
i really hope they last for a long time...
hiro better make ayaka-san happy ne!!! ^_^v


[LIFE]'s the 2nd day of holiday already!!and i'm sooo happy!!!just got back from avondale market for shopping 2 hours ago..didn't buy much..just a tshirt and bratz blanket for my dear aisyah..she must love it because it's her favourite bratz! ^_^ i miss her so much!!!
my mom called just now while we're waiting for the bus..and i'm so happy to hear their voices..
but bad news~~they told me wawa's sick *cries*..i'm so sad~~T___T~~hopefully she'll get better soon..i pray to Allah nothing's wrong with her..i wish i can go home and hug her tightly~~
i've just finished cooking 5 mins ago..just ikan masak kicap n oyster bok choy..simple n fast today..sooooo tired from the shopping..after this i'm going to Albert Park with Fyza..jalan2 and taking pictures~lalala~~hihi..i love walking while enjoying the fresh air and beatiful sceneries..that's why i love new zealand sooooo much!!! ^_^

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