Friday, April 3, 2009

i want to meet you~ASAP!!!

"I want children," he answers without a second thought. "I really like them. I think they're adorable. I often carry my friend's kid and just walk around Shibuya normally."

Without realizing it, a slight smile peeks through while he talks. "I want three children. Boys are fine, too, but I would be really happy if the first were a girl. I would have her learn dance from a young age... and to keep her from becoming an easy(/promiscuous) woman, I'd be very strict about discipline (laugh). I want to be a young dad, so I've got to hurry. But, before that, there are still the steps of having a relationship and getting married... of course, I want to get through each of those properly, too."
-Jin Akanishi, Non-no magazine

This makes me realized why i love him so much~
he's not that 'cold and cool' guy that everybody worship~
he's just an ordinary sweet guy..
who thinks about family and friends~
oh Jin~~
i'm so in love with you~
when will we meet?..
and have 3 children~~
it's my dream too~~

i want to meet you~ASAP!!!

*just me and my mind*


  1. Jin is so sweet isn't he? ^o^
    I didn't expect he'll talk about having children like this so seriously, but this just shows a side of him that's so unpredictable.. I'm kinda happy to know that he's just an ordinary sweet guy too.. ^__^

    Mesti cute2kn anak die nanti!! XD

  2. sou desu yo!!!they must be really cute ne!!! esp the girl..i wish he gets a woman he truly deserve~the one that will make him happy!..he's really a good guy~
    smlm br baca about him breaking up with maki..didn't know they were actually dating or not..but..yokatta~~!! i didn't really like her for some reasons..well not juz because of akame!hehe..