Thursday, April 9, 2009

OOKURANDO SAMUI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


that's what on my mind rite now..

AUCKLAND is colder~winter is definitely coming~fuyu(winter) wo daikirai!!!..its not that i hate winter that much..but the coldness!!the numbness in my hands while i was trying to write assignment..the layers of cloths that i have to wear..the red nose..ughh..the unpleasent heat from the heater is the worst!!!..please spring come fast~i miss you...

It was raining heavily in Auckland's just FINALLY over 5 mins ago..yokatta!~

HUJAN BATU!!!!! O-M-G-!!!!!

I was hit a thousand times with small tiny ice rocks today on my way to the library..
CHO ITAI!!! it hurts!! well just a little~but still~~~it was soooooooooo cold!!!!and slippery!
Alhamdulillah i brought my umbrella today..for the 1st time this year!! i have some protection from those crazy,tiny rocks!! >_< if not..i don't know what'll happen to me~grrrrrrrr..getting my face hit by ice rocks are NOT cool.. BUT YEAH~~ it was cool anyways~~my 1st experience with hujan batu~hope it's not going to happen again! what..peribahasa melayu says..hujan emas di negara org,hujan batu di negara sendiri..(am i rite?very bad with malay peribahasa) was totally the opposite!! LOL!!!

grrrrr~~~COLDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!! lets end this coldness with the awesome hotness..brought to you by none other than~~~~

urayamashi yo~~~he's in he can wear short sleeves~~huhu..
i want POPEYE MAG as a birthday present!!!!!!!!!

ps1:gomen na..can't show you the hottest pic..cuz it's public!!!

ps2:1582 and care are awesomely superbly amazing!!!! i'm in love~~~


  1. Hehe.. U didn't actually post all the pics did u? ^__^ I almost died when I saw them!! XD

    Ganbatte ne!! Mesti sgt samui kn dkt sana? Careful ne.. Especially with the hujan batu.. Must be hard for u.. -__-!!

  2. NOOOO!! i did not!! klau yer,mmg panas giler ah blog nih!hihihi..
    hai~ganbarimasu!!tu laa mmg t'kejut tibe2 hujan batu tuh..tgh2 on the way gi library plak tuh..sabar je lahh~~huhu..