Monday, April 27, 2009

another happy day~~

gosh!another reason to be happy about!!

KAT-TUN's 4th album is out!!! *jumps happily*

Break the records - by you & for you

jin n kame looks awesome! junno~what did u do to yr hair??..and koki~"great" lyrics! LOL!
KAT-TUN is WIN <33333

can't wait for my copy to arrive!!! lalalala~~~


  1. Yes me too!!
    When is my copy going to arrive..
    Can't wait!! XD
    The songs are awesome ne.. ^__^

  2. yup2!
    esp water dance,1582,care,moon,pierrot,kimi michi........
    ahhh tooo many favorites!!!

  3. i'm now officially one of ur blog's follower too.sign up to be mine.i've restored my blog n change my url,bla2,new face.i want more freedom in writing.overall,blogging is about writing watever u want without need to think bout what people will think of u rite? i'll keep posting as well *wink*