Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I've noticed long ago~~

AKANISHI JIN of course!! JE's very own bad boy~party all night long-i-don't-care-what-other-ppl say- but he's also innocent in his own way~sweet and sensitive heart..just perfect~~

KYAAAHH!!! the eyes!! NISHIKIDO RYO's the name~he's the one with laser tongue and a pure childish heart..his coolness and shyness is just toooo cute!!!

OMG! CHUCK BASS!!! the BAD BOY in GG..i love him for simply being Chuck~the mistery behind chuck is irresistable!!

NICK CARTER! my lollypop teenage crush turn to be a real hottie~he transformed from the cutie pie,the baby in BSB to the party guy~woohooo!!~
he's my first celeb crush and forever will be~
last but NOT LEAST~~ TOM CRUISE!!!!!!
no words to describe him~he's just simply HOT!!!

doumooooooo~~~~!!! *do it like nakamaru's opening* ^_^"

this time's post..the original idea is from murni..i steal ok~hihi..
I KNOW..I KNOW~~some may say that bad boys are not good for you..
but..i am what i am~i can't resist them! LOL!!!


  1. bad boy bad boy,what u gonna do..what u gonna do when we come for you..LOL! just the attraction..untuk calon suami lain plak,kan diera?kan?kan?

  2. hehe..i'm gonna hug you guys!n won't let u go!!esp u jin!~hihi..
    hubby??..i don't knowwww~~!!!
    my kind of bad boy bukan..u know the one yg mmg betul2 jahat,pkul2 org those stuff..they just look kinda bad n cool on the outside..but very2 sweet n nice in the inside~~hihi..
    if ditakdirkan i's stuck with any..tk kisah~asalkn they treat me with love~^_^