Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Collagen Dust!

I've received my collagen dust i ordered from Hanis Zalikha's mama..

[picture to be uploaded]

The instruction is to take 1-2 teaspoon everyday to help reproduce the collagen loss from our body/skin..
Collagen basically will start depleting since age of 25..so perfect timing laa terjumper this beauty secret..besides wash-tone-moisturise your face la..
Also to be spinkled in your beauty products!

My experience...
1st day...i've campur a bit to my hada labo facial mist..i think i became heavier since the hada labo contains nano hydra**** acid.lol i dun remember the full name. but not to the point it's sticky la..so it's okay..
cuz i'm fasting yesterday, i buka puasa with bliss peach mango which is awesomely insanely delicious!! i added 1 teaspoon to the water..and kacau2..it took a while for it to dissolve..it'll be like gooey 1st..then after stirring for a while it's gone..since i drink it with my bliss so there's no unpleasant taste.i was like.ACCOMPLISHED! my first collagen supplement..
That night i gatal2 wanna add it to my lotion..probably i put too much..lol..it became supper stickyyy! when i proceed on patting to my face, my eyes cudn't open as usual..had to force it! mcm kena gam dkt my eyelid lol..i guess i put too much cuz it says to SPRINKLE it (clever me ;p). Then before sleep saje2 nk rasa the collagen + plain water. Payau nye Ya Allah..the smell is not so horrible but it's not so pleasant too..lol.. but i proceed drinking it..and sleep soundly with my baby beside me (in skype ofcoz!)..;p

Will update after a week or a month depending on the result..;)



  1. wsalam. harge die RM170 sebotol masa beli tuh :) tk sempat lg nk review, tp bagusla produk ni..